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Why buy a used car at MAMA CAR

What is really important for you when buying a used car? Probably it is reliability, the fair approach of the dealer and verification of the used car. This kind of service is provided at MAMA CAR.

At MAMA CAR, we arrange:

  • • Verification of the used car origin
  • • Check the mileage
  • • 10 day guarantee of car exchange
  • • Verifying whether the used car is not under execution
  • • Check if it is not a stolen car
  • • Favourable car financing (leasing, loan etc.)
At the branches of MAMA CAR in Prague, you will be addressed by friendly specialists who will gladly answer all your questions to help you choose a car.
“We are open every day from 9 am to 9 pm including weekends and holidays.”

MAMA CAR - quality used cars

90% of the cars at MAMA CAR are from the first owner and these cars also have a service history. All used cars go through a thorough presale inspection and professional preparation of the cars for sale.

Verification of the car origin

100% of the cars offered at MAMA CAR go through the verification of their origin. Therefore you can be sure that you are not buying a stolen car or a car with a dubious origin.

Mileage check guaranteed

No worries from mileage manipulation! The mileage of all used cars offered is checked. We issue a professional and credible certificate - CEBIA report.

No hidden charges when buying a car

We do not charge any administrative or other hidden charges. You only pay for what you buy!

Quick formalities when buying a car

The processing of all formalities related to the purchase of a used car takes usually up to 60 minutes. Then you can immediately leave in your new car.

Consultancy - choosing a used car

Our professionally trained dealers and consultants will help you choose a suitable car and product to exactly meet your needs; they will compare the chosen cars, the conditions of car financing and insurance and present the advantages of the solution.

Car financing

We cooperate with major companies in the field of financing newish cars, namely S autoleasing, GE money, Cetelem and Home Credit. Because of the above standard conditions, we are able to provide car financing which is more favourable than in a bank!

Benefits of trade-in car purchase

If you decide to finance your new car through trade-in, our company offers a benefit of up to 15 000 CZK.

Buying a used car without cash

Do you not want to pay a penny in cash for your new car? Choose a suitable car from our offer and we will arrange financing with 0% down payment for you.

More information on free line 800 50 00 50