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Advantages of car financing at MAMA CAR


No hidden charges when buying a car

We do not charge any additional or hidden charges for car purchase or financing! You only pay for what you buy!

Quick formalities, fast car purchase

The processing of all formalities related to the purchase and car financing takes usually up to 60 minutes. Then you can immediately leave in your new car.

Purchase consultancy and car financing

In the case of car financing, our professionally trained consultants will help you choose the best product, exactly tailored to you. They determine which leasing or credit is the most advantageous for you, compare the conditions of the individual financial companies and choose the best possible solution. Get a fair deal on a car purchase!

Car Leasing and Financial Partners

Finance the purchase of your new car only through reliable companies. We cooperate with major companies in the field of financing of newish cars, namely S autoleasing, GE money, Cetelem and Home Credit. Because of the above standard conditions, we are able to provide car financing which is more favourable than in a bank!


Trade-in, next to car leasing, is another popular way of car financing. We offer a car financing benefit of up to 15 000 CZK for a trade-in purchase.

Zero down payment when buying a car without cash

Do you not want to pay a penny in cash for your new car? Choose a suitable car from our offer and we will arrange financing with 0% down payment for you.

Car financing outside MAMA CAR

Have you decided to buy a car elsewhere than MAMA CAR, but you do not have money for it? Never mind. We will arrange car financing for you which is cheaper than in a bank! It is all possible from the comfort of your very home.

On-line approval

The financing of your new car will be approved within 15 minutes. This is possible due to our modern system and interconnections with financial companies. Everything is quick, transparent and comfortable.

Car insurance

The third-party car insurance is provided in cooperation with the best companies on the market. We will recommend you the best insurance for your new car. Specifically, we cooperate with Allianz, Česká pojišťovna, ČPP, Kooperativa, Uniqa and Generali.
Why should you make an insurance contract through us? Thanks to the extent of long-term cooperation, we are able to offer insurance more favourably than other agents, including your no-claim bonus.

Advantages of car insurance through MAMA CAR

  • All types of insurance are concluded immediately on the spot without unnecessary waiting and paperwork--the processing takes literally a few minutes.
  • If you buy a car at MAMA CAR and conclude any insurance contract, you will immediately receive a discount of 20% of the insured amount in addition to your bonuses!
  • Moreover, you can get an additional 30% discount on insurance, if you buy satellite security from the CARLOC company from us at a reduced price.