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Assistance services

In partnership with ACA1213 a.s., we provide our customer with a comprehensive assistance service. These services help our customers to benefit from the assistance card, which can be arranged immediately when buying a car. After its expiration, we simply activate the card for the next period.

Assistance card ACA

The card will guarantee you a wide range of assistance in the Czech Republic or around Europe all year for free or at a substantial discount!

Card benefits - what all you get for FREE

  • Nonstop assistance for dispatching
  • Roadside services
  • Work of a road service mechanic
  • Towing to the nearest contract service (up to 100 km)
  • Loaner - 3 days
  • Provision of a replacement car in 3 hours
  • Interpreter on the phone (English, German, Czech)
  • Message to a closely-related person
  • Mediation of legal assistance
  • Fuel delivery - in case of emergency (fuel is paid by the client)
  • Damaged tyre change (the repair is paid by the client)
  • Mediation of insured loss events
  • Accommodation in case of car immobility (it is paid by the client)
  • Traffic information by phone
More information on free line 800 50 00 50