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Car insurance

The third-party car insurance is provided in cooperation with the best companies on the market. We will recommend to you the best insurance for your new car. Specifically, we cooperate with Allianz, Česká pojišťovna, ČPP, Kooperativa, Uniqa and Generali.

Allianz Česká pojišťovna ČPP Kooperativa Uniqa Generali


 Why should you make an insurance contract through us?

  • Thanks to the extent of long-term cooperation, we are able to offer car insurance more cheaply than other agents, including your no-claim bonus.
  • All types of insurance can be concluded immediately on the sport without unnecessary waiting and paperwork--the processing takes literally a few minutes.
  • If you buy a car at MAMA CAR and conclude any insurance contract, you will immediately receive a discount of 20% of the insured amount in addition to your bonuses! Moreover, you can get an additional 30% discount on insurance, if you buy satellite security of CARLOC company from us at a reduced price.
In addition to third-party insurance for the car, these types of insurance can be also arranged at MAMA CAR:
  • car insurance
  • window insurance
  • windscreen insurance
  • legal protection insurance
  • accident insurance
  • baggage insurance
  • insurance against theft
  • natural disaster insurance
  • driver insurance