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Car purchase outside MAMA CAR

Have you decided to buy a car from another dealer, but you do not have money for it? Never mind. We will arrange the financing of the car purchase for you which is cheaper than in a bank! It can all be arranged also from the comfort of your home.

Why finance the car purchase through MAMA CAR?

  • Because we will negotiate better terms for you! This is possible due to the larger number of contracts executed by financial companies. Leave everything to us and enjoy driving a new car.
  • We will arrange credit on any car you have selected from another car dealer as necessary through one of our financial partners. You can choose the products of these companies:
s Autoleasing GE Money Auto Cetelem Home Credit



Do you not know which product to choose for car financing? Our consultants will go through all offers, compare them and choose the most favourable and suitable one for you, based on your individual requirements.
Our service is available to you every day from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm including weekends and holidays. (A personal visit can be arranged on the free line 800 50 00 50)


 Conditions for obtaining credit for car purchase

  • credit may be granted to individuals over 18 years with permanent or temporary residence in the Czech Republic
  • credit term may be 6-84 months
  • credit amount is unlimited

Documents required for getting credit for car financing

  • ID, another identity document (passport, driving license)
  • self-employed person also trade license or extract from the Commercial Register
  • foreigners: residence permit, passport, another identity document
  • EU citizens: ID and another identity document, residence permit

Buying a car without cash

Do you not want to or are you not able to pay for your car a penny in cash? We will arrange financing with 0% down payment for you.

Approximate calculation of instalments

Do you want to be sure that you will be able to easily repay the new car? Find out the approximate amount for the instalment for your car. You only have to fill in this simple online payment schedule form

More information on free line 800 50 00 50

Back car leasing

If you need money in cash and keep using your car at the same time, use back car leasing.

What is back car leasing

  • It is a form of credit
  • You will get necessary cash
  • You can keep your car

How do you get back car leasing?

Bring your car to MAMA CAR and we will appraise it and arrange all the formalities and paperwork. If your car meets all the criteria of leasing (payer of VAT, deductions vehicle) or credit and is not burdened with any pledge, we will pay you the agreed sum of money in cash immediately!

From this moment, you are repaying the car to the financial company and use it throughout the repayment for private as well as business purposes.