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Car security

Besides the car sale, MAMA CAR is also committed to the protection of our clients’ investments. In the case of a car theft, the loss amounts to tens of thousands of crowns, even if the car has insurance. For this reason, we focus on the security of cars, from consulting to sales and the installation of security systems. We offer mechanical as well as modern satellite car security. The advantage of investing in security protection is the possibility of subsequent car insurance discounts of up to 30%.

Satellite car security Carloc

  • It allows you to search for the car in the case of theft when the offender overrides the mechanical and electronic car security.
  • The moment the car is stolen, Carloc is able to locate the car and allow for its discovery, securement and passing over to the owner in cooperation with the Police of the Czech Republic.
  • With Carloc you have control over the movement of your fleet through an electronic logbook or client section where the client can locate the cars on his/her own.

Top-selling car security systems are:

Carloc Basic Sat

  • combined module GPS / GSM
  • accurate current speed and position
  • voltage drop signalling
  • backup power up to 48 hours
  • memory of the last known GPS position
  • easy installation and maintenance
  • locating by dispatching or web application
  • localization in Europe

Carloc Aktiv

Extra compared to Carloc Basic Sat:

  • detects any unauthorized attempt to drive the car, immediately transmits a signal to the control room
  • access to on-line web application with instant check of the system performance and identifying the current location of your car

Lifetime warranty and other benefits

  • Lifetime warranty is guaranteed for the car security systems listed.
  • The systems are easily transferable to other cars.
  • Due to the free contract transfer and minimal operational costs, the clients are provided with very good technical and financial conditions for the device operation in their car.
  • Low annual fee for operating the system - the client has the option to pay it by invoice or in instalments. Carloc service does not contain any other activation or operational costs that the client has to pay.
  • 8SD certificate ensures quality and trouble-free operation of the device.
  • Of course there is a 24 hour a day operation, dispatching and CPP and emergency situation car in the case of car theft.

Discount with car security system

  • All of these services are granted with significant discounts on insurance of up to 30%.
  • When buying a car on credit, you can get one of these car security systems as a free bonus!
  • When buying a car at MAMA CAR, you get a discount of 25% (compared to the standard prices of CARLOC) on the purchase of any of the security systems and when you reinstall it and then install in another car, you will save another 3,000 CZK.

Mechanical car security Defend Lock

  • Mechanical car security Defend Lock is the number one among gear lever locks - it meets with the highest safety requirements. It is solidly fixed to the car body and uses a unique patented lock cylinder.
  • The operation of Defend Lock is very easy, as it can be locked simply by turning and pushing the lock cylinder. All you have to do to unlock it is to slightly turn the key with its own Defend Lock profile.
  • The system is based on blocking the gear lever in the reverse gear position of manual transmission or the parking position of the automatic transmission.
  • The car security Defend Lock has a five year guarantee!

Sandblasting of car windows

Do you want to reduce the risk of the theft of your car by 96%? Then secure your car with very easy, but very effective sandblasted glass.

How sandblasting of the car windows helps to prevent it from being stolen?

  • Sandblasting car windows means a depreciation of cars for thieves. Everyone who has had to replace the glass of an entire car knows that it costs about twenty thousand crowns and more. A thief loses that money when he/she steals a car with marked windows.
  • More money is lost during the sale itself. The windows of each car are marked with a homologation which includes the production date - in most cases corresponding to the production year of the car. For example, if a thief steals a Skoda Octavia car produced in 2000 (there is a homologation mark on all car windows with the production year of glass - 2000) with windows marked with a code, it is necessary to change these windows to legalize the stolen car in the Czech Republic. The thief will have to get not only a full set of windows, but windows produced in 2000, and this is no easy task.
  • The thief usually has no choice but to exchange them for entirely new windows (i.e. with another production year). This can be seen by almost every mechanic and it can mean only two things - either the car has been in a serious accident or it is stolen. In both cases, the price of the car is below the normal value and therefore not of interest for the thief.