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Consignment car sale

Fair price, no worries

Do you want to sell your used car, quote the selling price and have nothing more to care about? Then consignment car sale is suitable for you.

MAMA CAR has extensive experience in consignment car sales. All you have to do is to bring your car to one of our car centres in Prague. Your car will be immediately displayed and you will get the money as soon as we sell it.

Advantages of consignment car sale

  • you get the highest possible price for the car
  • the whole process usually does not take more than 30 minutes of your time
  • car goes through a thorough inspection and professional preparation for sale
  • car will be displayed in an area of one of our large car centres
  • professionally trained call centre workers will keep you informed about the status of selling your car
  • your car is presented on major web portals and in advertising media
  • we are the only used car dealers that purchase your car just before the sale and therefore assumes all warranties and guarantees!
  • the car is fully insured against any damage
  • you do not pay any parking fees or other charges
  • you will get the money immediately after selling the car
  • most cars on consignment sale are sold within one month

Documents required for sale.

More information on free line 800 50 00 50