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Guarantee of the car origin

Are you looking for a reliable car? A used car can also have warranties and guarantees. You can be sure that the car you buy at MAMA CAR has a verified origin and 90% of our cars on offer are from the first owner and the service history is known.

"We provide a written legal guarantee of the origin of the car entitled to a refund."

Each of the used cars is checked

Checking the VIN of a car

Specifically, we check if the VIN structure is all right, if it contains only characters allowed and if the checked VIN contains the typical sequences of characters which are unique to a particular manufacturer, make and model of a car. Furthermore, we check if the VIN contains the check digit, and if so, whether it corresponds to a controlled VIN.

Checking the year of production of a car

We verify the actual year (or even months) of the car production. By comparing the year of the car production and the year of the first registration, the warehouse period at the manufacturers before first sale can be detected.

Was the car stolen?

With us you can be sure that you are not buying a stolen car! We verify whether the car is registered as stolen in the registry of stolen vehicles at the Czech or Slovak Republic Police.

Checking the car financing

We verify whether the car has not been involved in the property of the leasing companies.

We verify the age of the car

We control when the car was manufactured and since what date it has been used.

We do not purchase cars with a problematic history

Therefore you can be sure you are buying a car from respectable owners.

We check whether the car is not in EXECUTION

You do not have to worry that you are buying a car of a debtor on whom execution has been levied.

We issue a car certificate

The so-called Cebia REPORT (certificate of the actual mileage) in cooperation with Cebia.

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