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Mileage certificate

Every new car owner wants to be sure about the car mileage. You do not have to worry that it has been manipulated. Although 90% of cars from our offer are from the first owner and with a service history, our company verifies the actual mileage. After verification, we issue the certificate of the actual mileage CEBIA report in cooperation with the independent company of CEBIA.

Checking the speedometer of the car

It is based on a mathematical analysis of the recorded speedometer status of the car inspected, creating a mathematical model of car mileage and its comparison with the current speedometer and age of the car. The result is knowing whether or not there is suspicion of unauthorized changes to the car speedometer.

Why Cebia Report?

Data changes which can cause problems when buying a new car and devalue your investment, and may not have been identified even by an expert. However, there are ways to avoid most of the risks, or at least minimize them.
  • Information about whether the car speedometer has been manipulated can be obtained from the system of the company CEBIA called Autotracer. It includes more than 100 million data about used passengers and commercial cars and motorcycles registered in the Czech Republic. So the taker gets the real car speedometer status, year of production, if the car is not burdened with leasing, not stolen or subject to execution. The Autotracer system collects the information into one file and so the user gets an overview of all available data for a particular car within a few seconds.
  • For every vehicle purchased, the customer receives a certificate (Cebia report), which is a certificate of veracity of data reported about a car in five basic categories - correct VIN, year of production, theft check, financial liabilities and speedometer status.
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