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Promos in MAMA CAR

TOP CREDIT and discount of 20 000 - 60 000 CZK on every car

Do you want a better car but do not have enough cash? We have the solution!

In cooperation with credit company Homecredit, we have prepared a unique product concerning car purchases in instalments TOP CREDIT and in addition to that, a car discount of 20 000-60 000 CZK!

The price of any car you have selected from the MAMA CAR offer is transparent when paying in cash or in instalments, including VAT or prices exclusive of VAT if you are in business.
Choose a car at MAMA CAR and come to one of our car centres in Prague, where our consultants will prepare a car financing offer according to your needs and possibilities.


Terms of the special offer:

The offer “TOP CREDIT and discount of 20 000 - 60 000 CZK on every car” is available at any of our branches. It cannot be combined with other discounts of other on-going special offers. The offer applies only to cars with price in cash and price of a financial product displayed. The offer cannot be claimed retrospectively.

Free transport to our car centres

Do you like any of our cars, but you have problems with getting to our car centre? Do not worry!



We have prepared a new service FREE TRANSPORT just for you! Just do the following three steps:
  • Call the free line 800 50 00 50.
  • Book a car or cars that you like through our operator.
  • Arrange a time and place where our corporate transportation will pick you up and take to any of our branches for free.
If the cars you are interested in are located in different branches, we will drive them to the branch of your choice or transport you between them


Terms of the special offer:

The offer “FREE TRANSPORT” is available for all cars at any of our car centres. The free transport applies to a distance up to ca. 50 km from the branch. The offer can be used only under the above terms with phone booking of a particular car.