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Selling a car to a friend

Sell your car to an acquaintance or friend easily

Do you want to sell your car to an acquaintance or friend, but he/she does not have enough funds for its purchase?

Bring your car and acquaintance or friend to one of our car centres MAMA CAR in Prague and we will carry out all the necessary formalities and arrange the car purchase in instalments to the amount required FOR FREE through one of our major partners and it will be cheaper than in a bank!

Why sell a car through MAMA CAR?

  • • you do not have to wait for the money, you will immediately get it in cash
  • • your friend will immediately leave in a new car
  • • if you wish, the contract can be signed at your home
  • • we will do all the paperwork on the spot for you
  • • we do not charge any fees for mediation
Documents required for sale.
Documents required for purchase.

More information on free line 800 50 00 50