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Trade-in purchase is an ideal option for those who intend to exchange their old car for a new one. How does it work? You leave your old car at MAMA CAR to be considered in the purchase of the newly selected car. Alternatively, the car value may be used as a down payment on leasing or credit. The trade-in purchase saves you a lot of trouble with advertising and the selling of your old car.
At MAMA CAR, the car purchase and sale are arranged quickly, without tedious administration. We will arrange everything for you, usually within 30 minutes. After checking your car, we will draw up a contract and you can leave immediately in your new car.
If you decide to finance your car through a trade-in, MAMA CAR offers a benefit of up to 15,000 CZK.

Documents required to trade-in:

Private person:

  • valid ID or passport

Natural person operating a business:

  • valid ID or passport
  • original of the trade license
  • certificate of VAT registration (if you have a VAT number)

Legal person:

  • valid ID or passport of a person authorized to act on behalf of the company
  • extract from the Commercial Register (not older than 6 months)
  • certificate of VAT registration (if you have a VAT number)

Conditions for the purchase of a car for foreign nationals:

  • valid passport
  • residence permit


Documents required for trade-in sale

  • vehicle registration document (VRD)
  • registration of the vehicle
  • acquisition documents of the car (if any)
  • service book (if any)
  • vehicle instruction manual (if any)
In the absence of the car owner or agent of the legal person in whose possession the sold car is, it is necessary to acquire a certified power of attorney for sale, taking money and transfer of the car at the relevant municipal or district authority.
If there is a record of a lease contract (lien) in the vehicle registration, it is necessary to deliver the original certificate of lease (lien) termination and a power of attorney to record the termination of leasing (lien).

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