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Trade-in sale

Increase the value of your previous car

Have you decided to sell your old car and buy a new one? Then the consignment car sale is suitable for you. Your current car can be used as a consideration for a new car or a down payment on the first instalment of the credit or lease.
Purchase and sale of the car will be arranged on the spot in one of the two car centres MAMA CAR in Prague and without a long waiting period - formalities are usually carried out within one hour.

Trade-in benefits:

  • you will immediately get rid of your old car and leave in a new one
  • we will arrange all administrative formalities related to the sale and purchase of the car for you
  • when selling the car we assume all warranties and guarantees of the technical condition of the car
  • you will get a higher purchase price for your car than in the case of a normal purchase
  • when selling your old car through a trade-in, you will get financial benefits of up to 15,000 CZK for the purchase of your new car
  • any overpayment will be paid to you on the spot in cash
For finding out the price of your car please use the online calculator.

Documents required for sale.
Documents required for purchase.

More information on free line 800 50 00 50